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The perks of using video advertising to increase the efficiency of your website:The world we live in is extremely fast paced and this also applies to shoppers. When shopping online, the average consumer stays on a web page for less than a minute. That’s not nearly enough time to inform them of who your business is and why they ought to work with you. Any website can have cool graphics and witty slogans to catch buyers’ eye. The problem with that is you’re not able to relay enough information to them or keep their observance long enough to do so. You need something impressive to get consumers’ attention and educate them about your business in a very short period of time. 

Video advertising has proven to be extremely effective. Consumers statistically prefer watching ads versus reading them; it’s more entertaining and requires less effort. They also retain more information in less time through video ads with visual and audible sensory. For these reasons, video advertisements  are more effective for the consumer marketing: it transmits a message in a breif time period, appeals to more senses, offers more enjoyment and a more memorable experience than print ads.

So, how does a video assist the production of your business’s website?

Putting a custom video on your home page will allow your website to reep the benefits of video advertizing. It catches buyers’ eye and allows you get your message across without losing their interest within a few seconds. This compliments your site’s effectiveness because it keeps shoppers on your website longer. The longer shoppers are on your website, the greater the chance is they’ll explore your site further and remember your business. In addition, the video plants the initial seed of interest in your service or product. Once the video has the consumer’s interest, they’re bound go through your website, providing you a greater opportunity build value and trust in your business.

Consumers are more inclined to choose businesses with personality because they’re more comfortable working with businesses they like. It’s easier for businesses to be relatable to consumers when they have their own, unique identity. There’s no better way to show your potential customer’s your business is one of a kind than with a custom video. A video on your website will allow you to entertain using an individual approach. It’s an easy way to be likable and gain interest at the same time. A custom video on your website will also allow you to stand out from your competition using your business’s personality. It allows you to give buyers something to gain their interest that no one else has.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of having a video for your website is the web traffic it brings in. If consumers genuinely like your video, they will share it with their friends via social media. This will spread your business the best way possible because they’re friends can continue to share the video with their friends as well. The sharing link will also provide buyers a direct link to your website. This will help increase your website traffic significantly.

Most importantly, a video on your website will give your SEO a huge boost. Adding a video to your website gives you another platform to add more keywords to bump you up in search rankings. If you post the video on Youtube, you can put the link in multiple places online which is a great way to assist the SEO of your website..

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